Thanks to a generous grant from the VLDB Endowment, funds are available to help organizers defray local costs associated with hosting Prof. Widom. If you have already confirmed that you will be hosting Prof. Widom, and you wish to apply for funding, please provide the requested details directly to Prof. Widom. This information will help the VLDB Endowment and Prof. Widom plan the funding that can be provided to each host.

To apply for local funding please provide the following information

(1) Country, institution(s), dates of visit

(2) For each of the following categories that are relevant, an itemized list with cost estimates in local currency and equivalent US dollars:

  • Costs associated with the venue, including rental fees, equipment fees, internet fees, cleaning fees, other
  • Participant costs if bringing students from the surrounding region
  • Costs for break refreshments and/or lunches
  • Any other anticipated local costs

(3) Any contribution of host organizations and sponsors towards total local costs