Professor Widom welcomes proposals from institutions in regions of the world in need of quality technical instruction, who are eager to host one of more of her offerings. Please fill out the form, bearing in mind the following expectations for a host institution:

  • Critical mass of students with appropriate background and interests for one or more of the topics offered. Depending on selected topics, students may range from advanced high-schoolers to working professionals.
  • Students have sufficient fluency in English to participate fully in the courses.
  • Students do not have other access to world-class in-person instruction in big data or design-thinking methodology.
  • Suitable venue, including spaces and equipment for presentations, discussions, and workshops, and stable internet access.
  • Enthusiastic, reliable, communicative organizing host.

Professor Widom does not charge a fee for any of the courses, and hosts are not permitted to charge participants. The host institution is asked to cover any local costs, including Professor Widom's local expenses (accommodation, meals, local transportation) for the duration of her stay. Thanks to a generous sponsorship from the VLDB Endowment, funds are available by application to cover a portion of local costs; click the SUPPORT button below for more information.

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